We cultivate innovative visions and deliver creative solutions, enabling to adapt to new trends, technologies, and practices. We assist our clients in cultivating resilience and fostering sustainable growth capabilities.

Strategy Consulting

We provide strategic development and project management services to private and public sector organizations. We support our partners in optimizing processes, setting up operating models and developing new services.

Methodological support

Conducting supporting analyses, prioritizing objectives, and formulating strategic plans

Strategic framework

Achieving objectives at the regional, national, and EU levels


Collaboration in executing strategically vital initiatives

Project Management Office

Providing external and internal project management capacities

Business Development

Development and transformation of business models and services

Knowledge Transfer

Transfer of information, experience, and good practice within the ecosystem

Energy and Sustainability

We embrace a comprehensive perspective on energy, power, and utilities. Our emphasis lies in savings, efficient management, and self-sufficiency in energy. We conscientiously integrate sustainable development principles and uphold social responsibility.

Security and Resilience

We bolster safety, resilience, and adaptability through cutting-edge technology solutions, fostering an integrated safety approach.

Enhancing the comprehensive security framework encompassing energy, cybersecurity, and networks

Enabling CCTV development and utilizing advanced analytical tools

Risk Management and Compliance

Security, Situational Awareness and Incident Management Tools

Creating security analyses and case studies

Facilitating the growth of data and communications infrastructure, including 5G application solutions

Innovation Capital

We operate as Angel Investors, championing startups and fostering innovative thinking. Our activities span research, development, and global collaboration. We proudly represent cutting-edge products and services from leading global companies.


Support for start-ups and business acceleration in early stages

New markets

Market Entry Strategy and Solution Development Support

Mergers and Acquisitions

Market Intelligence, market research, mapping of potential acquisitions

Investment Opportunities

Connecting to a wider network of investors, Angel Investing

Innovation Management

Innovation management and creative concept development

Science and Research

Participating in science, research and innovation projects

Public Affairs

We bring extensive expertise in the Czech and European Public Affairs landscape. Our services encompass a portfolio of communication and coordination experts, with a strong emphasis on engagement with public administration entities, and other forms of representing our clients’ interests.

Digital transformation

We support our clients in building, developing and scaling of eGovernment, Smart City and Industry 4.0 concepts.

Comprehensive approach to digitalization including preparation of ICT strategies and audits

Data Management, analytical services and cyber security

Supporting the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and solutions

Process evaluation and optimization including robotic process automation (RPA)

Custom virtual assistant and specialized web portals solutions

Implementation support of digital technical maps (DTM) for regions and municipalities

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