Integrated Security

An integrated approach considers the full spectrum of security and resilience, encompassing physical, informational, cyber, social, and energy dimensions. Beyond prevention, we proactively bolster the ability to swiftly adapt and recover from unforeseen crises.

What strategies can be employed to enhance the resilience of both businesses and municipalities against unexpected shocks and crises?
How can an organization effectively safeguard itself against both physical threats and cyberattacks?
In what ways can cooperation be strengthened, and a heightened sense of security be fostered?

Security is a pivotal factor in work, leisure, commerce, and societal interactions. Consequently, we constantly seek solutions for immediate issues and enduring challenges, striving to bolster overall resilience for businesses and cultivate a heightened sense of security within cities and regions

Modernizing and optimizing camera system technologies.

Expanding visual systems with intelligent sound detection sensors.

Extracting statistical data from monitored scenes, including people and vehicle movements.

Integrating live streaming from mobile devices, such as body cameras and vehicle-mounted cameras.

Enhancing data infrastructure speed and security through technologies like 5G, optics, and IoT networks.

Facilitating crisis management and information sharing with emergency response components (IZS).

Leveraging analytical tools for real-time automatic event detection.

Implementing advanced forensic tools to expedite video analysis.

Our Approach

We enhance the comprehensive framework of security and resilience through process improvement, technology implementation, and infrastructure support. Our efforts empower the more effective utilization of data.

Sample reference project

Client: Consortium of municipalities and enterprises
Activity: Development of security and situational management capacities

CCTV Scope

70 +


EUR 815 000 +


EUR 100 000 +


20 +


15 +

Launched 5G Applications


We initiated the client’s entry security analysis

We devised a strategy for the modernization of surveillance systems

We performed an audit and overhaul of the management, maintenance & competence model

We established scenarios and standards for the deployment of image analysis tools

We developed the concept of a regional security and data corridor

We introduced an innovative 5G project with financial backing from the National Recovery Plan

We provided expert supervision and project management throughout the implementation of measures

We harnessed the camera system as a data source, particularly for traffic analysis

We ensured the continuous application of resilience principles

Provided Services

Innovating surveillance systems, incorporating new technology

Evaluating cutting-edge technologies like LiDAR and sound sensors

Deploying advanced image analysis tools

Implementing automation tools for operational and security purposes

Enhancing data infrastructure, including optical networks and 5G technology

Managing security situations and handling incidents

Utilizing data collection, analytics tools, and integration platforms

Identifying financial support opportunities from both Czech and EU sources

Reinforcing cybersecurity capabilities

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