Energy Policies & Strategies

Our energy policies & strategies compile existing data on the given energy ecosystem, establish energy-related objectives, introduce savings mechanisms, and function as a foundational steppingstone for advancing energy initiatives.

What strategies can ensure equitable access to affordable and dependable energy sources?
What are the advantages and risks associated with emerging technologies in the energy sector?
How can we continuously enhance energy efficiency of buildings, people, processes and equipment?

We assist our clients in comprehending their energy requirements through data analysis, developing pertinent energy-saving strategies, and initiating efficient energy management processes. Our efforts result in enhanced operational efficiency, heightened energy security, and reinforced energy self-sufficiency.

Our Approach

We develop and execute energy strategies for municipalities, industrial enterprises, and various other partners.

Sample reference project

Client: Municipality
Activity: Energy Strategy and Consulting Services


100 000 +

Contract Value

EUR 40 000 +

Buildings in Portfolio

200 +

Analyzed Consumption

100 GWh +

Savings Potential

25 %

Categories of Measures

30 +

We have analyzed the initial state of the energy economy.

 We have comprehensively charted energy sources and detailed existing infrastructure.

We have meticulously gathered, refined, and unified consumption data.

We have performed on-site surveys of buildings and technologies.

We have formulated and presented an illustrative energy balance.

We have introduced a comprehensive catalog of pertinent savings measures.

We have collaborated with the client to establish a priority project stack.

We have assessed the feasibility and potential returns of these measures.

e have identified viable sources of funding for the proposed solutions.

Provided Services

Enacting an energy management system

Conducting energy audits and certifying energy efficiency

Upgrading lighting infrastructure

Substituting heating sources

Installing photovoltaic power generation and storage solutions

Assessing the viability of alternative renewable resources

Evaluating heat pumps and cogeneration systems

Utilizing community energy initiatives

Implementing blue-green infrastructure principles

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