We are Architects, Advisors, Mediators and Suppliers of innovative technology and security solutions. We provide consulting services, concept development and analyses to both private and public entities. We utilize our expertise and our network of professionals from all relevant fields to implement pilot and strategic projects.

We have experience both in the private and public sector – we fulfill the roles of technology and security advisors for cities and state institutions, we work as coordinators of complex solutions and creators of innovative concepts. We integrate security projects, protect systems, define standards and collect, analyze and interpret data.
We create bespoke solutions, from test projects to holistic integrated services, and develop creative projects that react to specific client needs and problems. We represent state-of-the-art products and services of top global-level companies. We connect professionals from all areas including management consulting, technology, academia and public administration, into one ecosystem.

Gatum Advisory s.r.o.
Praha City Centre
Klimentská 46
110 02 Praha